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  • Vaya Wieser-Weber Showreel SPEAKING 2022

  • Vaya Wieser-Weber Showreel SPEAKING 2022

  • Showreel 2024 - Keynote Speakerin Vaya Wieser Weber

  • Showreel 2024 - Keynote Speakerin Vaya Wieser Weber

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Vaya is managing partner of the Hamburg-based training and event agency Impulspiloten GmbH and has also been an inspirational speaker and trainer for emotional intelligence in business - i.e. for leadership, sales and customer service - for over 23 years. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she was a member of the international training squad for Marriott International and Director of Learning Development at Performance Solutions, one of Europe's leading seminar providers based in Schiphol/Amsterdam. She is co-author of two books ("Brainself", "Kundenliebe") and her own book "Scheiss auf Selbstoptimierung und lebe lieber lustvoll" was published in 2022. She is a licensed trainer for NLP (Society of NLP), DBVC certified coach, certified Deep O.C.E.A.N. coach, certified meditation teacher according to DGAM and has completed numerous training courses over the last 25 years. She has been a member of both the Board of Directors and the Academy Expert Council of the German Speakers Association since 2019 and was Vice President of the BDVT from 2020-2022.


The renowned keynote speaker, author and entrepreneur Vaya Wieser-Weber has 20 years of expertise in the field of emotional intelligence in business, with a special focus on leadership, sales and customer service. Whether it's making empathetic decisions as a leader, interpreting customer emotions as a salesperson or always hitting the right emotional note in customer service, Vaya will guide you with brilliance and insight on the path to emotional competence and effectiveness.


Her deep knowledge of emotionally intelligent selling is based on an impressive sales career and her passion for integrating emotional resonance into business relationships.


She has helped countless corporate executives and salespeople hone their emotional intelligence, build more sustainable relationships in the business environment and be more successful as a result. With Vaya, you will learn to master the skills of Emotional Intelligence and use them to your company's advantage


1. Emotional intelligence in sales:

  • Benefit from over two decades of sales experience combined with emotional intelligence.
  • Learn how to not only build but also strengthen customer relationships and how to maximize sales opportunities by recognizing and understanding emotions. 
  • The managing partner of Impulspiloten GmbH will show you practical techniques and methods to take sales to a new level.

2. Emotional intelligence in leadership:

  • Effective leadership goes far beyond mere instructions. Learn how emotional intelligence transforms leaders and how you can use it to inspire, motivate and drive teams forward. 
  • The speaker, who has held responsibility in two companies herself, shares her insights and gives concrete tips on how to act empathetically and yet purposefully as a leader.


3. Emotional intelligence in customer service:

  • The key to outstanding customer service often lies in the nuances of human interaction. Discover how emotional intelligence helps to precisely recognize and respond to customer needs. 
  • Learn from an expert who has revolutionized Hamburg's service industry with Impulspiloten GmbH how to use emotional intelligence effectively in customer service.

4. Emotional intelligence in crises:

  • In times of crisis, the true character of leaders is revealed. Learn how emotional intelligence helps to master challenges with calmness and overview. 
  • The Kitzbühel-based author and entrepreneur uses real-life examples to show how to communicate empathically in crisis situations, calm teams down and make clear decisions at the same time.



References & Press

Extract of company references:
Deutsche Bahn, DOUGLAS, BOSCH, TÜV Nord, Otikon, MotelONE, Salzgitter AG, HASPA, BeamSuntory and many more.

"Vaya gets under your skin!"

Michael Todt, Manager, Vienna


"Emotion, power, speed, reflection, insight - if you are looking for this, you will get it and, above all, an open door for the way forward."

Anita Diedrigkeit, Manager, Berlin


"A day with Vaya is an awakening and then conscious action!"

Marian Peters, Assistant Manager, Munich


" simply realize that there is more to this woman than just a trainer. She simply approaches things from a totally different level than in ordinary seminars.

She awakens potential and possibilities that you don't realize yourself.

Simply a revelation and definitely to be recommended."

Christian Simair, Managing Director

Activities and honorary posts:


  • on the board of the German Speakers Association (GSA)
  • on the Academy Expert Council of the German Speakers Association and
  • Chairwoman of the board of the 14 chambers in the entrepreneur network THE GROW
  • 2017-2022 Board member of the German Speakers Association
  • 2020-2022 Vice President of the BDVT



Brainself - Es geht um dich selbst

ISBN : 978-3981611885

24.70 €


Scheiß auf Selbstoptimierung - und lebe lieber lustvoll!

ISBN : 978-3864708916

17.90 €


Kundenliebe - von der Kraft der Weiterempfehlung durch zufriedene Kunden

ISBN : 978-3962511555

17.90 €



Good Life, Good Business - der Weiterbildungspodcast

Good Life, Good Business


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