Fees & Charges

Fee groups

Certain experts do not display fixed prices but instead use fee groups, as the costs can vary based on their expertise, experience, and the specific task at hand. The fee groups are designed to provide a general idea of the potential costs and are divided as follows:

Fee group


over 12.000 €


up to 12.000 €


up to 10.000 €


up to 7.000 €


up to 5.000 €


up to 3.000 €

Please be advised that the specific prices within these groups must be negotiated directly with the respective expert. For further details regarding prices and services, please reach out to our Expert Marketplace Assistants directly.

Travel costs

Flat rates within Germany, Austria, Switzerland & South Tyrol

In order to provide you with greater planning certainty and an immediate cost calculation for selecting the appropriate speaker, we aim to enhance our service by offering standardized travel expenses. The travel expenses will be calculated based on the distance in kilometers from the speaker's place of residence (as the crow flies) to the event location. The return journey is included in the cost rate.

Calculation table - as the crow flies


Travel costs

Up to 100 km

180 €

Up to 200 km

300 €

Up to 300 km

360 €

Up to 400 km

420 €

Up to 500 km

480 €

Up to 600 km

590 €

Up to 700 km

650 €

Up to 800 km

780 €

Up to 900 km

840 €

Up to 1000 km

890 €

More than 1.000 km

On request

From Stuttgart to Munich, it is 223 km.
This means: A flat travel expense of 360 € will be charged. The return journey is included in the cost rate. Each speaker is now free to choose whether to travel by car, train, or airplane. Travel distances exceeding 1,000 km one way will be arranged separately.

Travel surcharges for bookings at short notice, on weekends or public holidays

If a speaker is booked less than two months prior to the event date or if the event date falls on a weekend or holiday, a travel surcharge of 20% will be applied. This travel allowance is binding and an integral part of the contract.

Accommodation fees

If the event starts before 11:00 am or ends after 4:00 pm, and the event location is more than 300 km away, accommodation fees of 200€ will apply.