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Dr. Svea von Hehn
Speaker Dr. Svea von Hehn
  • Achtsamkeitsworkshop 2020

  • P+P " Kultur isst Strategie zum Frühstück"

  • „Keynote zu Mindsets"

  • Neuro-Leadership | Impuls-Webinar mit Dr. Svea von Hehn

  • INS Talk Svea Version 2

  • EVERY MIND MATTERS Toolbox of positivity2

  • Veränderung gestalten! | Dr. Svea von Hehn - Wifo Stuttgart 2023

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Dr. Svea von Hehn, graduate, PhD and multi-certified psychologist with a focus on neuroscience, founder of RETURN ON MEANING GmbH and ex-McKinsey consultant, has been working as an international management consultant for over 20 years. She is the author of professional books on leadership, culture change and mindfulness. Her passion is to combine the clarity of evidence-based management consulting with the wisdom of mindfulness in her work. She has been involved with Mindful Leadership for over 25 years and is currently leading the world's largest study of mindfulness in business in a DAX company. Her clients include SMEs, start-ups and international corporations. She has lived in Dubai, San Francisco and Shanghai. With her consulting services and lectures, Svea von Hehn inspires participants with a mixture of sound scientific knowledge and lived examples of success from work practice. She knows how to make knowledge tangible and creates targeted "aha" experiences that can be transferred into practice. Dr. Svea von Hehn encourages people to initiate changes and to go new ways.


Leadership in turbulent times - dealing with change

  • How to deal with continuous change and stay performant as a team
  • How to recognize and unleash mindfulness as a "superpower" within yourself and your employees
  • How to use mindfulness to solve complex problems more easily, speed up decision-making processes and boost your innovative power
  • How you can use pragmatic techniques to reduce stress, increase resilience, and improve team well-being in everyday work life

Neuro-Leadership - How to work more brain-friendly in hybrid teams

  • How to optimally use the latest scientific findings from brain research in your day-to-day management.
  • What your brain and that of your employees can do and how you can use its potential optimally in your (hybrid) daily work routine
  • What emotions have to do with clear thinking and why we should distinguish between "fast" and "slow" ways of thinking
  • How to align EQ and IQ and achieve peak performance

New Work through an Agile Mindset - Changing Culture

  • How to recognize which mindsets are standing in your way and which attitudes support a successful transformation
  • How to use psychological change management techniques effectively and achieve set goals.
  • How to use viral change to involve employees at all levels and thus anchor desired behaviors across the board

Other topics: How to bring together meaningfulness and business logic


References & Press

Her clients include:

  • Axel Springer
  • Bayer
  • Beiersdorf
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Deutsche Bank
  • DLA Piper
  • ING
  • Köster GmbH
  • L`Oréal
  • Telekom
  • thyssenkrupp
  • Merck
  • Rheinische Wasserwerke
  • Sparkasse
  • Mittelständische Unternehmen
  • Start-ups



Achtsamkeit in Beruf und Alltag (Haufe TaschenGuide)

ISBN : 9783648121825

6.95 €


Kulturwandel in Organisationen: Ein Baukasten für angewandte Psychologie im Change-Management

ISBN : 3662620294

39.99 €


Systematisches Talent Management: Kompetenzen strategisch einsetzen

ISBN : 3791034731

49.95 €


Psychologie für den Beruf (Haufe TaschenGuide)

ISBN : 3448099503

0.00 €


Achtsamkeit und emotionale Intelligenz in Organisationen: Agiles Arbeiten in Teams und Organisationskultur der Zukunft: Zukunftsfähige ... neue Art der Zusammenarbeit (Haufe Fachbuch)

ISBN : 3648166948

39.99 €


Kulturwandel in Organisationen

ISBN : 978-3662481707

39.99 €


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