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Stefan Kruecken
Entrepreneur Stefan Kruecken
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Stefan Kruecken, reporter, bestselling author and entrepreneur, is an expert in crisis strategies. He worked as a police reporter for the Chicago Tribune and has reported from more than 80 countries worldwide for magazines and daily newspapers such as GQ, Stern, max and Tagesspiegel. He has written about hooligans in Glasgow, child soldiers in Uganda and soccer in Rio. In 2007, he and his wife Julia founded Ankerherz Verlag, which today also offers fashion and travel and runs a radio station. His books include the Spiegel bestsellers "Sturmwarnung", "Orkanfahrt" and "Unverkäuflich". His recently published book "Das muss das Boot abkönnen" is based on conversations with more than 180 experienced captains and serves as the basis for his current keynotes. He knows how to captivate his audience right from the start with storytelling and how to transfer the best strategies of experienced sailors into everyday business life. His presentations were so well received that he was invited to appear on Markus Lanz's show and on the NDR red sofa.


Learn the essence of the bestseller "Das muss das Boot abkönnen". In conversations with more than 180 captains, Stefan Kruecken collected the best strategies for getting your own company, family or yourself through the hurricane of our time. True to the motto: "In a storm, you can see what is really important.

The boat has to be able to weather it -
How to get through storms and turbulent times

  • What you can learn for your business from experienced captains
  • How team leadership works in storms and rough seas
  • How to keep a clear head even without a manual and lead your crew through the storm


Courage instead of anger -
How to maintain optimism and gain confidence

  • How to use the time now for the engine room instead of the sun deck
  • How to transfer the captains' code of values into everyday working life
  • How to get through any storm with a strong ship and a stable crew


Mental resilience in conflict zones -
Strategies for coping with stress and threatening situations

  • How to recognize threatening situations in good time and develop an escape strategy
  • How to methodically keep a cool head in critical situations
  • How to prepare for dangerous situations and have efficient action strategies to hand

Further topics:
Crisis communication - How your company always gives the right answers in critical situations
Social media - How your company can effectively combat any shitstorm

References & Press

Extract from company references:

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  • SPD parliamentary group
  • CDU/CSU parliamentary group



Das muss das Boot abkönnen

ISBN : 978-3945877531

29.90 €



ISBN : 978-3945877579

34.90 €


Mord an Bord - Das kleine Buch vom Meer

ISBN : 978-3945877562

24.90 €



ISBN : 978-3940138217

29.90 €



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