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Roger Basler de Roca
Speaker Roger Basler de Roca
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Roger Basler de Roca, author and entrepreneur by passion, describes himself as a digital native with a penchant for digitization and algorithms. His expertise includes building digital business models and growth models thanks to artificial intelligence. Across industries, he accompanies small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations to make their employees fit for the future with the right digital systems, to better understand the mechanisms of today and tomorrow and to use them optimally for their company's success. A high level of digital competence, fast networked thinking and an optimal transfer into practice perfectly describe his workshops, consultations and lectures. He understands how to convey complex issues in a pictorial, understandable and humorous way. The combination of numbers, data, facts and a firework of practical examples make his presentation a great experience and make you want to get started immediately.


Future Pilot! The trends of the future and what they mean for your company

  • How to become a Future Pilot, identify important trends in time and navigate your company into the future
  • How to future-proof your company's employees with the right systems and automate routine tasks
  • How to use AI to solve the skills shortage in your own company and strengthen your team

More time for the essentials! How AI, Chat GPT & Co becomes the new employee in your company and significantly increases your productivity!

  • Which tools you can use to make your marketing & communication processes faster and smarter in simple steps.
  • How you can always keep an eye on your processes, integrate AI in your company and thus increase your efficiency
  • How you can use AI to create decision-making tools, make work easier and massively increase output
  • How to finally get a grip on your social media management and take it to the next level thanks to AI

Digital & Social Selling – 
The sales booster for your company

  • How LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Google & Co. function as sales machines.
  • How to successfully transform your digital sales force
  • Understanding the secret of the "social algorithm
  • The Dos & Don'ts in social selling from practice

LinkedIn – The Royal Class
Successful and automated selling with level

  • Understanding and using the new LinkedIn
  • How LinkedIn Live & Broadcasting work in personal branding
  • How I can successfully use the Sales Navigator
  • How and what do I post when I actually want to sell?
  • What can I automate and how?
  • How to measure and target your success

Social Media 20xx – understand, use, implement

  • The latest social media numbers for your business
  • What to do next with social media after Click Gap, BERT & privacy updates? 
  • What you need to commit as a minimum budget and time for successful social media
  • How to exponentially increase organic growth with the right strategy
  • How to measure, track and manage your success

Digital competence - school is different today!

  • How AI is becoming an opportunity for students, teachers and schools
  • How AI is becoming the new learning assistant in schools and increasing equal opportunities
  • How school is teaching the skills for tomorrow's jobs today

References & Press

"Roger is an exceptionally competent person not only in the field of social marketing, digital selling and networking. He is smart, inspiring and charming in his manner. In his workshops, he brings complex material across in a relaxed and understandable way and shows completely new facets. All the knowledge he imparts is self-tested and practical, and you notice that immediately. His workshops are among the best I have attended. Roger is absolutely an enrichment as a person and business partner." Kian Soltanmoradi 

"Roger I would unreservedly recommend to any of my business contacts. He is simply 'Mr. Linkedln′ to me, although he has been able to inspire me in other disciplines as well. Roger has supported me on several occasions and has always stood by me with good advice! 
Live Roger convinces not only with his incredible wealth of knowledge far beyond Linkedln, but also still with great eloquence and his charismatic nature - he can captivate you even with not so exciting topics! Therefore, I am already looking forward to our next meeting - thank you dear Roger, that there are people like you. This makes work fun!" Gabi Olpp

"Roger is the very first person who comes to my mind when it comes to digital business models. His presentations, advice and support are second to none. Always precise to the point. I learned more about digital marketing in one hour with him than I did in the entire year before." Jan Reuter

"Roger Basler has become my No. 1 point of contact for marketing and digital issues in recent years because: 
- he has a great command of his subject and is able to pass on his knowledge in a way that is appropriate for the target audience. 
- he sticks to agreements and promises. 
- he has an impressive personality with style, decency and charisma. In this way, he combines my requirements for cooperation and at the same time sets standards for modern business management: 
Competence, credibility, trust and sympathy! That's what makes cooperation fun!" Manuela Broz

"One man - one word: Digital Business Models! Roger is not only an absolute professional in his field, but he is also a motivator, mentor and an incredibly fine human being. Not having him in your network would be a fatal mistake! Always on the cutting edge of Linkedin, analytics and social selling. What impresses me so much about Roger is that he is not stingy with his knowledge and pushes everyone to get more out of digital business opportunities. He gives rather than takes and that just makes him incredibly likeable. Dear Roger, I am proud to be part of your network! Amen."
Selma Kuyas




Digitalisierung für das Management

ISBN : 9783749404216

11.00 €


Linkedin richtig einsetzen und nutzen: Eine Anleitung für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen

ISBN : 3746007291

17.99 €


Instagram für Unternehmen: Was Sie als Unternehmen über Instagram wissen müssen

ISBN : 1984934708

17.12 €



Frag Roger: Algorithmen, Künstliche Intelligenz & digitales Business • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters


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