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Peter Olsson
Entrepreneur Peter Olsson
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Peter Olsson, serial entrepreneur, brand builder, author and passionate businessman, is a passionate communications, marketing & brand expert. In his younger years, the native Swede was a member of a special unit in the military. After a failed attempt to become a professional tennis player, he started his career in sports marketing. There he quickly made a name for himself as Head of Marketing for ranSat.1 football programs. Further stops were in the role of board member at ISPR - a global leader in sports rights management. In 1998, Peter Olsson set up his own sports management agency. In 2004, he was named Sports Manager of the Year by Horizont for his achievements as manager of Oliver Bierhoff and Michael Ballack. His portfolio of managed talents reads like a who's who of the greatest talents such as Muhammad Ali, Boris Becker, Ottmar Hitzfeld, Uwe Ochsenknecht, No Angels, Joko Winterscheidt and many more. Today, he shares his unique insights from the world of sport and entertainment in talks at forums and congresses as well as in his coaching sessions. He encourages people to live and express their talents.


GeniusSHIFT - The path to the next level in personal branding

  • How to recognise your talent, promote it and unleash your inner strength
  • What you can learn from the greatest talents in business, sport and lifestyle
  • How to use the right tools & methods to advance your development and achieve your goals

GeniusSHIFT - Creativity, Thinking out of the box

  • How to make the seemingly impossible possible
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GeniusSHIFT - Success booster networking

  • The 3 steps to successful networking
  • How to cultivate and maintain your network for life
  • How a values-based network enriches your life

GeniusSHIFT - The Business Talk

  • Quick-witted & spontaneous
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  • Practical & successful
  • Sympathetic & humorous

References & Press

"With his uncomplicated way and natural charm, Olsson has won many of his customers as good friends."
Tina Steiger, Diners

"He knows the market value of football stars. And provides them with big advertising contracts. Those who are managed by Olsson are set up for life."
Roland Zorn, Frankfurter Allgemeine

"Beck, Olsson and Kofler are the players of the year."
Oliver Zils, Horizon


"You don't have to be a psychic to see Peter Olsson's future in personal marketing."
Christian Ickstadt, Horizont


"Superman of marketers"
Eva-maria Class & Hermann Weiß, Welt am Sonntag



Erkenne dein Talent: Was wir von Spitzensportlern und Topmanagern lernen können. Mit einem Vorwort von Franz Beckenbauer.

ISBN : 3841900240

24.95 €



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