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Katia Steilemann

Mastering change and enjoying success



Personality, Success & Motivation


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Katia Steilemann
Speaker Katia Steilemann
  • High-Performance - Mit Einrichtung & Architektur zur Bestleistung | Katia Steilemann

  • Zeige mir wie du wohnst und ich sage dir, was dich krank macht!

  • Psyche & Gesundheit boosten - dank richtiger Raumgestaltung

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Katia Steilemann inspires with her Brazilian love of life and expertise in mental health and interior design. She motivates people to action and reveals how we can also stay mentally strong with the help of spaces, master changes better and feel good everywhere. With more than 25 years of international professional experience, including 16 years in the field of human resources development for top DAX companies in the pharmaceutical & chemical industry, she brings a wealth of experience from the business. In Asia it became clear to her how much one's own performance depends not only on mental attitude and diligence, but also on the environment. As a trained preventologist and interior designer, she brings valuable knowledge from the fields of neuroarchitecture and psychoneuroimmunology. She is a sought-after expert in the media.


War, economic crisis and additional personal worries. With this burden, it is all the more important to strengthen the psyche and create places where we can recharge our batteries and get motivated to work again. I reveal how this works with the psyche and how rooms can help us.


Train positive mindset & confidence

Positive & confident on the job with Brazilian mental hacks

  • What mental habits help you stay confident & positive
  • What you can learn from Brazilians to better deal with change and uncertainty
  • How your room design alone can make you mentally strong and positive


Time out from crisis mode - how to recharge your batteries

Switch off faster: How small tricks help in everyday life and the right room

  • Preventological tips that can help you emotionally with the handling of crises
  • How room design can positively influence our psyche
  • What you should pay attention to in rooms, so that it works better with switching off


A nose ahead in the competition for talent

With the right interior design, attract junior staff to your company

  • Mistakes I see in offices all the time - and deter talent
  • Subconscious messages their objects, furniture and décor send to employees
  • How to create a good office - without renovation

References & Press

Known from:

RTL, WDR, SAT. 1, Hamburg 1, Radio WDR2, Radio Leverkusen,, Südwest Presse, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Aphotheken Umschau

Companies, customers & references:

Philips, Deutsche Bank, Bayer, Facebook, Von Kunhardt Akademie, The University of Hong Kong, ELG China, Rotary Club, International Professional Women‘s Society, Thermomatic do Brasil, Casa do Guardanapo Ltd.


"The expert on healthy living spaces." - Sat. 1

"After an extensive and personal conversation and the inclusion of individual needs, we as a team were presented with an innovative solution approach for our "Pain", easy to implement and use in everyday life. Thank you very much!" - Philips

"Katia Steilemann not only has the knowledge, but also an extremely charming and humorous way of bringing this knowledge closer to us. This combination makes Katia a great speaker to book." - Oliver Kogler, Unternehmer, Österreich

"We called Katia because we suddenly had reckless accidents in our school. Our Chinese staff asked us to get help. After we implemented most of the suggested changes, the accidents stopped!" Andrew Hill, Founder & Director, ELG Shanghai





Meine Räume und ich, zusammen sind wir stark

ISBN : 9783758366833

20.00 €


The Unstoppable Woman's Guide to Emotional Well-Being

ISBN : 098382231X

19.11 €



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Was Räume mit unserer Gesundheit zu tun haben

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Reinkommen und Wohlfühlen

Office Talk

Wie die eigenen vier Wände dich gesund oder krank machen!

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  • Audience interaction

  • Practical relevance

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