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Isabel Grupp
Entrepreneur Isabel Grupp
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Isabel Grupp - entrepreneur, successor, author, influencer and state leader of the Young Entrepreneurs Baden-Württemberg, grew up in the tranquil town of Trochtelfingen. Professionally, she went straight from New York to the Swabian Alb. After completing her bachelor's degree in business administration and management at Lake Constance and her master's degree in international business development at home and abroad, she joined her parents' family business Plastro Mayer in 2011. She has been a member of the Plastro Mayer GmbH management team since 2015. In the male-dominated plastics industry, Isabel Grupp is considered one of the few women in leadership positions in STEM fields, and has successfully held her own for years. She is also a welcome guest in numerous public media such as TV programmes, business talks, lectures, podcasts and other social media channels. As state chairperson of the Young Entrepreneurs of Baden-Württemberg, she represents the concerns of successors. She also acts as a mentor for start-ups in the Grace female empowerment programme.


Company succession in SMEs - Dos and Don'ts

  • How to create a fruitful environment for the succession process
  • How to shape the process at eye level
  • How to reconcile tradition, values and the future
  • Why you should become aware of your different roles and get to know yourself and others
  • How to deal with your new responsibilities

New Leadership - Leading by Example & Emotion

  • What characterises a successful entrepreneur:in the future
  • How to become aware of your holistic responsibility for your employees
  • How to unleash the best and happiest version of your employees
  • How to unite the experience in the company with the new dynamism of the younger generation and bring about company growth

AI - the opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises - but please do it intelligently

  • How to put your processes to the test and automate them
  • Digital sovereignty, the prerequisite for AI!
  • How to take all your company's employees on the digital journey and unleash their full creative potential

Further topics:

EnterpriseBooster - 
Mindset, traditional entrepreneurship & start-up culture

WomenPower - The female factor in a male domain

References & Press

Year of foundation: 1957

Industry: Plastics, Cable manufacture, Assembly, Toolmaking

USP: Everything from one source

Honorary posts:

State Chairwoman of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs BaWü

Mentor in the Grace Female Empowerment Programme


  • 2023 The 100 Most Important Women in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses - Markt und Media
  • Impact of Diversity Award 2023 Category Middlesized Industry
  • Kununu Top Company 2023
  • Top 100 Female Employers Focus Business 2022
  • Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs in Germany 2022 - Handelsblatt
  • Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs in Germany 2022 - Handelsblatt
  • Top Innovator 2021
  • Top Employer of Medium-Sized Businesses 2021


  • Ludwig Erhard Summit - Tegernsee
  • BDI - Industry Day
  • German Economic Forum (Zeit Verlag/Convent)
  • Zukunft Personal Cologne
  • Best of Events Dortmund
  • Club of European Women Entrepreneurs Hamburg
  • Bavarian Digital Summit 2022
  • Footstep Succession Festival - Kassel
  • Salzburg Business Forum
  • Knowledge Forum 2022 and 2023 Porsche Arena Stuttgart and Bolzano South Tyrol - Speakers Excellence
  • Chefsache - Regio TV
  • SWR - Television
  • RTF - Television
  • WHU Campus for Family Business - Panel Discussion
  • EBS Symposium - University of Economics and Law
  • Sage - Expert talk
  • The Young Entrepreneurs
  • Grace - Female Empowerment Programme
  • Team tomorrow

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ISBN : 978-3-96251-172-2


Nachhaltigkeit: Frauen schaffen Zukunft

ISBN : 3962511121

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Behind the C

Episode 114 - „Es braucht Führung mit Emotion“ - mit Isabel Grupp

FUTUR3 Podcast

#121 Isabel Grupp, Plastro Mayer - Von der Neuorganisation unseres Unternehmens bis zur modernen Führungskultur

Arbeitgeber im Vorstellungsgespräch

Über Leadership-Kultur, wenn zwei Generationen ein Unternehmen führen


Kreative Wege zum Erfolg: Wie Familienunternehmen innovative Ideen umsetzen - Interview mit Isabel Grupp


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Expert Marketplace - Isabel Grupp - Impressions 1
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29.04.2022 Isabel Grupp honoured by Handelsblatt as one of Germany's TOP 50 women entrepreneurs: Handelsblatt

01.01.2022 Award Focus Business to the article

19.12.2021 Record turnover in family business to the article

30.11.2021 Top Innovator 2021 TOP Innovator 2021

28.07.2021 Isabel Grupp in conversation with Rochus Mummert: to the article

05.07.2021 Isabel Grupp writes about sustainable corporate governance: to the report

05.07.2021 Isabel Grupp talks about sustainability: to the report

25.05.2021 Isabel Grupp is the new country manager: to the report

15.03.2021 What is it like to work in a male domain: to the report

10.03.2021 With dad in management, how does it work: to the report

01.10.2020 Real human values are in short supply: to the report

03.12.2019 Shared values as the basis for succession: to the report

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