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Hellmut Krug
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Hellmut Krug was an active referee for 31 years and was one of the best in the world for more than a decade. Today, he describes his decision to become a referee as one of the best of his life. He is convinced that nothing has contributed more to his personal development. After his active career, Hellmut Krug worked full-time as a referee for over 15 years, most recently in the role of DFB Chief Referee Instructor. He was responsible for many reforms in the refereeing system, including the introduction of the referee coaching system. Hellmut Krug introduced "video evidence" in the Bundesliga in 2016 and 2017. Following this, Hellmut Krug was also responsible for the introduction of "video evidence" in Switzerland, where he was employed for three years. Hellmut Krug worked part-time for ARD as a referee expert from 2006 to 2012. The regular training of commentators for the major German soccer broadcasters was also part of his remit for many years.


The life of a referee, the constant challenge of making decisions, sometimes in front of an audience of millions, changes and shapes people to a tremendous extent, affecting their character traits and personality development.


Quick decisions at the right time

  • Intervening at the right moment and setting the tone
  • Observing clear rules
  • Mastering your own emotions
  • Maintaining objectivity
  • Resistance to stress
  • A feel for 'game' management
  • Tactical understanding
  • Involve team members in decision-making
  • Use discretionary powers
  • A sense of proportion and predictability
  • 'yes' to consistency, but not 'merciless'
  • Constant expansion of skills in the sense of a lifelong process

Controlling by the 2nd instance

  • Questioning decisions made and correcting them if necessary
  • Accept innovations such as the implementation of the VAR and use them profitably
  • Standardization, uniformity of the application of the controlling body in the sense of the instance / project
  • Openness to criticism
  • Internalize objective criticism and draw the right conclusions
  • Learning from past decisions

New Work

  • New opportunities through digitalization
  • Obtain expertise
  • Accepting support from the team and employees

References & Press


  • 4 times referee of the year in Germany (1993/94, 1998/99, 2001/02, 2002/03)
  • World Referee of the Year 1996: 3rd place
  • World Referee of the Year 1999: 2nd place

Presentation types

  • Workshop

Required equipment

Windows notebook
Windows notebook