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Eckhard Jann

"Error culture that works!"



Management, Leadership & Change


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Eckhard Jann
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Eckhard Jann is an author, speaker, consultant and pilot. He can look back on over 25 years of extensive experience as a senior safety, risk and crisis manager in aviation.

Since many years, he has advises and supports companies from a wide range of industries, such as aviation, medicine, IT, automotive, consulting and controlling. As a renowned expert, he is a recognized speaker at companies, congresses, universities and national and international events.

His book "Fehler Eins - Alles beginnt aus einem Grund" was published by Vahlen Verlag in 2021. It was named the best German-language non-fiction book at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2022.


The right way to deal with mistakes

  • Why we often behave irrationally and make mistakes
  • What psychological safety means
  • Reacting correctly to mistakes as a manager
  • What makes a good and modern error culture

Mistakes as the basis for your success

  • Really learning from mistakes: unimagined potential for improvements in your company
  • Introducing and establishing professional error management
  • Mistakes as fuel: innovation and growth through a constructive error culture

Learn from the pilot and prevent crises

  • Learn how crises and accidents occur,  
  • Take responsibility: Why proactive crisis management makes the difference
  • Practical examples of successful crisis management

References & Press

Extract from company references:

  • Banks
  • Chemical companies 
  • Development companies
  • IT / software companies
  • Hospitals / KH companies
  • Aviation companies
  • Manufacturers (e.g. medical products)
  • Associations 
  • Insurance companies

       Alexianer GmbH, ASIS Conference, BCI Congress, Bertelsmann Infoscore Businessdays, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität e.V.,        Deutsches Flight Safety Forum, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Krisenmanagement e.V., Diakoniekrankenhaus Frederikenstift, Dräger,        F24 AG, Erste Bank, Munich Airport, GFT Gemeinschaft Fernmelde-Technik eG, Helm AG, Harz University of Applied Sciences            (Tourism Forum), Ingolstadt Clinic, Schleswig-Holstein Hospital Association (SHKG), Lower Saxony Hospital Association (NKG),           Manhagen Clinic, Protekt Conference Leipzig, Simedia, TUI Cruises, Witte Automotive, etc.

"In an impressive way, Eckhard Jann made the participants of our annual conference think about the connection between risk management, dealing with errors and corporate culture. Mr. Jann combines high professional competence with value orientation and a good dose of humor."
Dr. Ralf Schupp
Head of Christian Ethics/Mission Statement/Spirituality Department

Alexianer GmbH


"Mr. Eckhard Jann captivated the members of the district working group of hospital directors in the Hanover region with his presentation on error culture.  It should be particularly emphasized that the transfer from the world of experience in the aviation industry to the world of experience in hospitals was outstandingly successful. A highlight!"
Dr. Thomas Beushausen, MBA
Managing Director of the district working group of hospitals in the Hanover region
Lower Saxony Hospital Association


"We had Mr. Jann conduct an 'error management' training course for our managers. The training was very lively and practice-oriented. It left a lasting impression on the participants and was really worthwhile."
Mathias Winkelhake, Managing Director of DIAKOVERE Krankenhaus GmbH


"The employees of Alexianer Ambulanten Dienste from Saxony-Anhalt would like to thank you very much for your extremely successful training course on risk management and dealing with errors!


We still like to talk about your lively and never boring training today! We can skillfully integrate many aspects into our day-to-day work, not only in dealing with our clients, but we are also more attentive in our dealings with each other.


Thank you once again! We would be very happy to work with you again in the future."

Birgit Neuwirth
Head of the Alexian outpatient services


"Eckhard Jann knows what is important when it comes to emerging resiliently from an error or crisis situation." Bianca Flachenecker - Health & Care Management


"Mistakes happen to everyone. And they happen everywhere. But anyone who has read Eckhard Jann's book knows how to deal with them and prevent major disasters."  Belén Haefely, juror 



2022 "FEHLER EINS" - Best German-language non-fiction book of the year



Fehler Eins

ISBN : 3800666979

26.90 €



FEHLER EINS - Daily Error

FEHLER EINS • über alltägliche Fehler und Katastrophen


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  • Workshop

  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Audience interaction

  • Practical relevance

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