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Boris Bregar
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  • Der Beziehungsmanager 2023

  • Wir bilden Beziehungsmanager aus.

  • Kommunikation ist unser Sauerstoff

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Boris Bregar is a renowned author, trainer and keynote speaker who specializes in the areas of leadership and sales. He began his professional career as a division manager in a trade company, which gave him fundamental insights into leadership and organization. Over the course of his career, he has held various positions, starting as a sales starter and ending as a sales manager. These diverse experiences formed the foundation of his expertise. Bregar's philosophy is that you first have to have experienced and mastered something yourself in order to be able to pass it on effectively. This attitude has earned him enormous acceptance among his participants. His experience as a sales representative, sales manager and managing director makes his consultations, training sessions and presentations particularly relevant and authentic. His clients include well-known medium-sized companies and international corporations. Participants repeatedly confirm the tangible practical relevance. He is not only an expert in his field, but also a passionate communicator of knowledge and experience who knows how to inspire and motivate his participants.


The porcupine factor – How customers become partners

  • How to tame the customer's inner spines from the outset
  • How to get a grip on erect spines with the right tools
  • How customers become fans and ambassadors for your brand

The Mona Lisa factor – unique, valuable, inspiring

  • How to find out what your customer really wants
  • How to paint each customer their own personal Mona Lisa
  • How you can use storytelling to ensure that your customer already perceives themselves as the owner of the 'painting', 
    even before they own it.

The wolf factor – why the pack follows the lead wolf

  • What managers can learn from nature for their leadership
  • What wolf culture has to do with team building
  • Which factors are decisive for good leaders

The Dino Factor – How water holes became coffee kitchens

  • Why coffee kitchens are the decisive success factor today
  • How to promote creativity and innovation with targeted communication hotspots

References & Press

Extract of Company References:

  • CITY-CAR Autovermietung GmbH 
  • Gussek-Haus 
  • Hermann Otto GmbH 
  • Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik 
  • WAREMA Renkhoff SE

"Outstanding seminar with a competent, likable, and absolutely practice-oriented trainer. You really take something away from it."

Warema, Participant


"We had a very informative team training in November 2022 with Boris Bregar. Many colleagues were skeptical about this training, but were positively surprised. It was two really interesting, great, successful days for EVERYONE. We came pretty much as individuals and left as a team. Thank you, Boris. Hopefully see you soon. The directcar team" 
Linn Wanzke, directcar


"Boris Bregar quickly connects with all participants, no matter how diverse the group. He simply creates a comfortably constructive performance atmosphere from which everyone benefits."

Tammo Berner, Board of Directors Purchasing Association


"Very good 2-day workshop with Boris as an absolutely competent and authentic trainer. Individually tailored to the participants with a high practical relevance. We took a lot away from it and have already implemented it."

Wolfgang Frisch, Head of Department at Rosenberger







Beziehungshandbuch für Stachelschweine

ISBN : 978-3988850928


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