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"Success begins in the mind and you are the key"



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Angela Barzen
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Angela Barzen: From visionary to leadership expert, she stands for "leadership with the big picture". She is the founder of the company Plakativ, transformed European cities with monumental advertising posters and lived her entrepreneurial spirit to the full. But the real change began when she recognized the challenges of leadership - overstretched teams, personal boundaries and the loss of valuable employees. Her solution? A radical new start: an in-depth study of positive psychology and further training in communication psychology and systemics, with the aim of shaping authentic and genuine leaders. She is convinced that true success lies in the ability to create inspiring visions and lead teams with a progressive mindset. She offers you extensive experience, professional expertise and her vision for strong, emotional leadership - for your sustainable success in today's dynamic world. In her coaching sessions, training courses and talks, she inspires her participants with her energetic way of imparting lived success knowledge from the perspective of the entrepreneur, manager and coach. Are you ready for change? Then Angela is your partner on the path to successful leadership.



The power of vision - why every leader needs one!

  • Understanding how a clear vision motivates and retains employees
  • What we can learn from Elon Musk, Ed Hillary & Co.
  • Practical steps to develop inspiring and shared goals as a leader
  • How the vision becomes a source of strength for managers and employees
  • How a strong vision attracts teams, keeps them together and drives companies forward


Big Picture - The 4 pillars of positive leadership!

  • Strengths-based leadership - How to recognize and promote strengths and lead individuals and teams to peak performance
  • The Power of Words - How to strengthen relationships and create an inspiring work environment in 5 steps
  • Resilience - Methods to develop resilience in teams and navigate through challenges
  • Visionary thinking - How to cut old habits and break new ground for sustainable business growth

You are the success - Your personality as a clear competitive advantage

  • How to use the personality funnel method to discover and successfully utilize your ultimate benefit for others
  • Find the "espresso" in you - how to use your uniqueness strategically and score clearly
  • How to develop your strengths, raise your profile and become an employee magnet


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Making an impact - Your Big Picture



BIG PICTURES - Der Podcast für VOR-Bilder und Menschen, die sich gerne inspirieren lassen.


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