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Amira Ben Achour is a coach and speaker who inspires people to use their inner strength, take the lead and experience true self-realization through conscious development. In her early twenties, she worked with board members in a holding company consisting of 17 subsidiaries and in a consulting firm. But accompanying change at the organizational level was not enough for her. It was individual development and self-awareness that made true change for an individual's personal path and future. In a world with a thousand possibilities and ideas of what a fulfilled life looks like, we all too often lack clarity about what this means for us. So alongside her career as a change management consultant, she started her own business as a coach, guiding her clients towards deeper personal fulfillment and the ability to face challenges with confidence and clarity, without playing a role. The unique combination of real business experience, psychology and systemic coaching creates true expertise. Academically, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science & Psychology and followed this up with a Masters in Business Management. Her first book "Beyond Conventions - Using Female Energy & Consciousness for Your Self-Realization" was successfully placed with a publisher this year and will be in bookstores soon.


Amira Ben Achour shows you how you can develop your full potential with the help of your inner strength and create a transformation that goes far beyond professional goals.


The truth about power and strength

  • More inner strength: How to consciously recognize, develop & promote your inner drive
  • More serenity: How to achieve your goals with clarity, self-knowledge & self-acceptance 
  • Mastering challenges with confidence: How to welcome change with open arms through confidence and adaptability

Self-efficacy: The art of shaping your own life

  • There is only one main actor in our lives and that is ourselves: The role of self-determination and self-leadership in our personal success
  • How we master the challenge of living from the inside out: The importance of inner alignment for outer success
  • Confidence in our own work as a drive not to give up: The power of self-confidence and determination
  • If we don't make decisions, we will forever be stuck in the hallway: The need to take action and shape our own future

Awareness as a success factor: How companies can reach new heights through self-reflection and mindfulness

  • What has shaped us in life: The power of experiences and their impact on our ego
  • Why the phrase "I'm just like that" doesn't count The importance of self-reflection and self-responsibility
  • Success begins where we are aware of ourselves: The transformative power of self-knowledge and personal growth

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